The world meeting title was first propelled in 1973. It is one of the well known universal assemblies which were prior used to be a piece of European Rally Championship. There are sure measures for vehicles which ought to be satisfied to enter in World title like it ought to contain of 2 liter 4 chambers, include with turbo chargers, hostile to slack innovation, 4*4 wheel drive framework, sequential rigging boxes, streamlined parts, weight decreasing to a base load of 1230 Kg.

WRC highlights of three steady titles, the Junior World Rally Championship (JWRC), the Super 2000 World Rally Championship (SWRC) and the Production World Rally Championship. Be that as it may, these three titles are led on the comparable tracks and occasions of the WRC, yet the standard and guideline of these titles are unique in relation to one another.

Before the convention begins the contending vehicles are changed to the exact states of the tracks where they will perform. The architects set the suspensions and modify them as indicated by the stages (tracks).

They additionally check the tires whether they are appropriate or not for the four wheel drive framework. In the event that not, at that point they will alter them to suit the states of the forthcoming tracks.